Radio Eastern FM… Your Voice In The Outer East

About Radio Eastern FM

Radio Eastern FM is located at the Wyreena Community Centre. We have three full time on-air studios, a separate production studio and a mobile studio (which is set up in a very comfortable caravan). The station does have a small library of music but in the main our presenters bring in music from their own collections to share with the listeners.  This gives enormous variety to the music and program formats each week.

Given that many of our presenters have been collecting music for many years, music may be formatted from a variety of sources.   LP records are still favoured by many but CD, MP3 discs and Mini discs may be used. Some presenters may also use their own portable computers as a music source.

Our on-air studios are set up with facilities to put outside broadcasts to air as well as to conduct interviews via telephone. Telephone hook-ups are used by radio Eastern presenters including Brian Amos on Tuesday and Friday Afternoons. Other presenters have been known to have artists in the studios playing live to air.

Two of our on-air studios are large enough to accommodate several guests and this happens regularly in some shows such as the Café Classics, Around Noon and Crossroads programs on Thursdays.

We have also produced a number of radio plays featuring our presenters.

We serve the community of the Outer East in the following ways:

  •   We have established a close relationship with Maroondah Council
  •   Each week we have a program that reviews local theatre productions
  •   We are strongly committed to supporting new local artists. We often interview them and we play their recordings.
  •   We broadcast Eastern Football League games during the season and we canvass activities in many local sports in programs on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings
  •   We broadcast local news twice daily six days a week.


A benchmark of our policy is to serve the community and to be “Your Voice in the Outer East”

Click here to download our Rules of Association